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Purchase the VoiceStarz CDROM

The VOICESTARZ class on CD-ROM will be taught by TARA STRONG, along with many leading animation artists. The cast of voice-over artists will be accompanied by some of the top directors, agents and other talents that contribute to the success of animation (see ABOUT VOICESTARZ: The Cast). Tara has broken this class down into 14 important chapters of video clips, wav files, text and downloads in which she and her Cast present works, ideas and skills. Plus, we have taped actual auditions of with Tara's critiquing for you to view. There is so much information for you to learn that we are making a double CD-Rom. Finally, the bonus: Your own audition. You will have the opportunity to download a character that best fits you. You will then give us your best reads and send it in to Voicestarz. One of the members here will critique it and send it back.

This CD-ROM will be shipped to you immediately upon signing up with VOICESTARZ.